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Bringing Up the Idea of Home Care to Your Loved One

So, after weeks and months of deliberation, you and your family have decided that it’s time for your loved one to receive senior health care in North Brunswick, New Jersey, or Maryland.

But what about your loved one’s preferences? While not the majority, several senior citizens balk at the idea of home care.

This is understandable. Many seniors are unaware of the benefits of dedicated, trained caregivers. Some think it’s a loss of independence. And others are just scared of being taken care of by strangers.

Drawing on our experience as a provider of elderly care services in New Jersey and Maryland, Helping Hands Elderly Care LLC would like to offer the following recommendations on bringing up home care:

  • Highlight the benefits.
    Talk to them about how challenging it can be for them to do their daily tasks on their own. Then tell them that a dedicated caregiver can make these tasks easier for them.
  • Explain that it’s about enhancing their independence.
    Research says that 42% of seniors choose to age in place precisely because it lets them live their own way. Home care guarantees this without risking their health and safety.
  • Remind them that it’s for them.
    Be honest about how you don’t have the skill or time to give them the attention they deserve. At the same time, tell them how you can’t feel assured of their safety when they live without help.

Remember that bringing up home care shouldn’t be a crisis. Your loved one needs all the time they need to process their feelings about home care and come to a decision. Once they do come around, tell them you’ve found helping hands for what they need.

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